Main licence conditions

For all applications:

By downloading or paying for any version of any Sevit’s application – paid (regardless of the method of payment) or free of charge you confirm that you have read and understood the following documents: EULA, Terms And Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, understand all terms, rules and restrictions described there and agree with them.

The licence gives the right to free updates of all “intermediate” versions (vY.x, vY. (X + 1), etc.) until the next “big” version of the program – v (Y + 1) .0

For applications in SPSM family:

Only one database per licence is allowed. Thare no limitations on the validity period, the number of users, the number of copies, the number of seats, the number of records in the database, etc.

For SCS application:

Only one seat per licence (each computer\copy requires separate licence).