Sevit Communication Server (SCS) is a helper app that allows you to extend the capabilities of your other programs. SCS uses either files or data from files created by other programs to perform various actions and communications with the outside world – other programs or services. Thus, programs that do not have such functions, but can export their data to files, get the opportunity to communicate with the outside world.

An example of this interaction can be the cooperation of Sevit Communication Server with the Sevit Print Shop Manager app in sending SMS messages to SPSM clients via a third-party external web-based SMS sending request.

How Sevit Communication Server Works

The program has predefined, but easily customizable for your goals tasks.
Tasks are performed periodically, at set intervals, with the possible setting of a schedule .
When the task is executed, the files are searched in the specified place according to the specified pattern of names.
Each found file (or data from it) is used to perform the action set for the task.

The following tasks are possible in the current version:

  • File2HTTP – web server request using the data from the file
  • File2Email – sending an email using the data from the file
  • File2FTP – moving the file to an FTP server