The digital print estimate app Sevit Print Shop Manager Digi (SPSM Digi) is a lighter version of the SPSM program and is designed to automate the activities of various printing enterprises that specialize in digital printing only (on-demand print shop, photo studio, photocopying, online printing and others).

In addition to orders for digital printing “orders without printing” can be calculated in SPSM Digi – for example, sales of photo frames or packaging materials. Both types of orders can be included and calculated in one order.

The main differences between the SPSM Digi program and other SPSM versions:

SPSM Digi supports all standard features of the full-featured version of SPSM – such as maintaining a list of customers and orders, calculating orders with ability to print invoices and forms, maintaining separate price lists for digital print and additional services, maintaining a list of equipment, material formats, etc.

Unlike the full-featured version, SPSM Digi works “one user”-mode but has no limit to the number of workstations (i.e. all workstations use the same user).

Complete list of features can be compared here.

Digital print orders are also supported by another lighter version – SPSM Lite.