Can I buy this app for a third-party? Can I buy this program as a private person for my business?

Yes. Anyone can pay for/ buy this program for a third person or business.

Is there a limit on the number of seats per licence?

For SPSM there is no restriction on the number of employees / workstations in the program per licence, a licence is issued for a business or a person. More details.

What databases are supported?

At this moment SPSM works with MySQL only.

Can our existing customer list be imported to SPSM?

Yes, in most cases it is possible, but preliminary consultation is required. The time depends on the data format. The cost of export is determined on case-by-case basis.

Is MS Outlook required to send mail from this program?

No. No third-party app is required to send email out of SPSM.

Do I need to reinstall the demo after registration?

If you decide to use the same database that was used in the demo – there is no need to re-install. Just install the latest update (even if it’s already installed in the demo version).

How can I save my data when migrating from SPSM Free to SPSM Lite\SPSM Digi\SPSM Wide\SPSM?

Just export (archive) your data from SPSM Free and import it in SPSM Lite\SPSM Digi\SPSM Wide\SPSM.

What are bar codes used for??

Bar codes are used by shop workers to simplify order entry, order status and worker ID.

What bar code scanners are supported?

Any scanner that reads Code 39 barcode (one of the most common) and emulates keystrokes.

What if don’t have a bar code scanner?

All bar codes can be entered from the keyboard (codes include only letters and numbers and a numeric-letter value is printed at the bottom of each code)