Sevit Print Shop Manager (SPSM) application is designed to automate the activities of various types of print businesses – advertising company, on-demand printing, large-format printing, digital print shop and so on.

SPSM allows you to automate the majority of processes in your company: from the print estimate calculation and order placement to the shipment of finished products.

Plenty of flexible settings of this program allow you to cover almost any type of orders and various types of activities of printed production:  from large-format printing to car stickers or services of photocopying.

There are separate settings and price lists for large-format printing, digital printing and orders without printing (for example, selling related products). Different types of orders (large-format printing, digital printing orders without printing) can be combined into one order.

The program provides the ability to add, configure and calculate any additional services: from the design to finishing post-processing (eyelets, pockets, etc.). Any additional services necessary for printing production can be added to the list at your discretion. Additional services can be configured as mandatory (automatically added to each new order) or as optional. Only one service from the group of services or several at once can be allowed, depending on your needs.

SPSM supports both the local and the network mode, the number of workstations per licence is not limited. Users of the program can be divided into groups and offices, with the separation of access to the prats and features of the program. The program has several features to protect against unscrupulous employees. There is the possibility of exporting data and archiving / restoring the program’s database. It is possible to set discounts or extra charges on any component of the order (material, equipment, etc.) so for a particular customer or order.

The program for print shops SPSM is divided into several parts:

  • Office part, main functions
    • maintaining the database of orders and customers;
    • calculation and placement of orders;
    • control of status and payment of orders;
    • step-by-step order management from placement to shipment;
  • Print shop part, main functions:
    • tracking orders from the receipt of the order form to its shipment;
    • tracking the work time of employees (opening / closing shifts);
  • Part for management and accounting, main functions:
    • all features of the office part
    • reports;
  • System administration part, main functions:

There are several versions of SPSM:

Sevit Print Shop Manager has several versions and allows you to smoothly and almost unnoticeably move from one version to another when your business outgrows the version that it uses. For a start-up print shop there is a free version – SPSM Free, then there are “twins” SPSM Wide и SPSM Digi that will help to strengthen large-format or digital printing business (depending on your specialization). A business that has got up to its feet could use a lighter version – SPSM Lite, or full-featured version. The transition between the versions is simple and includes a minimum of steps: make a backup of your data, delete the old version, put a new one and restore your data from the archive. The interface of all versions is identical and does not require additional training of personnel when switching from one version to another.

This software product has been available since 2005 and is focused mainly on small and medium print businesses (although there are no restrictions and it can be used in large companies).